Are Allegations Against MQM Realities Or Myths?

There have been allegations against MQM since many decades, be it by Jamat e Islami since 25 years or by PTI since last 15 years and recently by MQM’s Ex worker Mustafa Kamal. But nothing proved of all such allegations despite formation of many JIT’s. The allegations included extortion, killings, disappearance of NATO containers, and the murder of Dr. Imran Farooq (General Secretary and) convener of MQM etc. but nothing of them proved in the judicial courts and before public. The govt. and establishment have been highlighting these issues as if these are bigger than the state threatening issues like terrorism, corruption, talibanization etc. The way Dr. Imran Farooq murdered case is being dealt with in Pakistan, it seems as if this issue is the only threat to the sovereignty of Pakistan but the things are otherwise as the people know.

 Since the day MQM’s senior worker Dr. Imran Farooq was found murdered near his home in North London on 16th Sep 2010 just before a night when the third largest political party MQM’s founder Altaf Hussain’s birthday celebrations, the series of conspiracies were hatched against MQM’s chief with the help of anti-state actors. This all was being carried on against Altaf Hussain’s vocal and concrete stance against talibanization in Pakistan and International terrorism.

 The FIR of Dr. Imran Farooq’s murdered was lodged in London and over 5 years have been passed to it but seems the investigation is not going to produce any result. This may not be forgotten that the investigation has been carried on by the world’s prominent investigation agency Scott Land Yard. One thinks that the killers were so smart and well planned that they were not even spotted on vigilance cameras controlled by UK authority. Here, one thing may be noticed that the MQM’s chief is not directly implicated in Dr. Imran Farooq murdered case in London but he is just cooperating with the metropolitan police as a responsible UK citizen as well.

 As the part of anti MQM conspiracies its many opponents approached Metro police with paper filled brief cases claiming proofs of murder of Dr. Imran Farooq but these proofs proved to be not more than the worth of a tissue paper.

 Surprisingly, Dr. Imran Farooq is murdered in London but an FIR is lodged in Pakistan after span of some years and there occurs investigation over investigations after intervals of every 6 months in the meantime the govt. and LEA’s claim of arresting suspected murderers of Dr. Imran Farooq. On the pretext of so called confessions of the suspected arrested persons the media trial of the MQM’s start with state operation against its workers and leadership. This all repeats after every 6 months. When these media trials and state operation lose their impetus due to proofs getting insufficient the new conspiracies are hatched and the same cruelty repeats against MQM.

 Recently, Ex worker of MQM appears in the media after a long time with the decades old and same allegations against MQM without showing any documentary proofs. Subsequently, the interior minister of Pakistan held a press conference and admitted that he became disappointed with the Press conference of Mustafa Kamal because he also repeated the decades old allegations against MQM without presenting any proof against it. But when a journalist told the interior minister that the senior member of MQM demanded a formation of Judicial commission on the charges of Mustafa Kamal but the reply of the interior minister was quite shocking as well as frustrated and he refused to form Judicial commission. It seems the reason behind denial for the Judicial commission was that he knew that there no proofs against the MQM regarding such allegations so the party was going to get absolved from these charges which he didn’t want because he and some others want to keep alive the media trial and the operation. So that the public should be kept aloof from the dismal performance of the govt. as well as other serious challenges facing to the country-like NAB’s probes against PMLN, Mumtaz Qadri episode.

 Importantly, the interior minister seemed to be so much disappointed that he said are we these days so helpless that we rely for everything on media? Actually, it appears he wanted to say that are our competent LEA’s and govt. have failed that we receive every information through media. In the end few questions strike in my mind being a common and patriotic citizen of Pakistan.

  • If the allegations of Mustafa Kamal were true why did he not show up any documentary proof? Because as per statement of interior minister that judicial commission should not be formed on such allegations?
  • One thinks that when the interior minister says that these allegations are of no worth so no any Judicial Commission on it. The question is that why interior minister does not direct the media not to air or discuss in talk shows any allegation without any proof and if any media outlet allowed such stuff would be charged?
  • If the allegations of Mustafa Kamal are of no worth why media has been glorifying him as a hero despite the fact no judicial commission can be formed on such allegation.
  • Isn’t it the right of public to know what is the criteria of the allegation for a judicial commission formation?
  • According to interior minister his govt. has a track record of taking up those issues which were ignored by the previous govt. isn’t the right of citizens of Pakistan to know of the progress of such cases taken up by his this govt.?
  • He told that the previous govt. had ample evidence but it didn’t utilize them. If the interior minister has the proofs why he is not presenting before any court or if he has no proofs why is media trial of a particular party not stopped?
  • As per Pakistan law every citizen has a right to free trial and no one is a convict until proves so in a court of law. The question arises why the govt. the media and the other forces are projecting the impression of MQM being involved in suspected activities?
  • When journalists ask the Interior minister that one of the parliamentarian remarked that Mustafa Kamal was brought forward as a last card? The interior minister reply was unparliamentarily when he called a parliamentarian a strange and not bound to reply him. The question arises if a sitting MNA is a stranger where does he stand?
  • If the allegations of Mustafa Kamal that MQM has been receiving RAW funding since last 20 years than what was the reason that during Gen. Musharraf and Mustafa Kamal tenure high level military officials and intelligence bureau officers didn’t mention any such thing? Were they all unaware of whatever Mustafa Kamal and others said against MQM or they were facilitator as well?
  • The terrorism and corruption hit nation of Pakistan is obsessed with the question of that to what extent NAP has been implemented and what successes have been achieved. This nation has nothing to do with the murder case of Dr. Imran Farooq because which is already underway in London. The interior minister needed to brief this nation about NAP progress rather than petty issues.
  • Suppose it is considered true for a moment that MQM is getting funding from Pakistan’s arch rival Indians intelligence agency RAW then why Mustafa Kamal should not be asked for such developments in the economical hub of Pakistan? Does RAW want to destroy or develop Pakistan?

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