The Great Game!

Attack On Hamid Mir & Wave Of Conspiracies to Malign Pakistani Defence


Justice! Before Proceeding to Court?

The Day Of 19th Apr 2014. The streets of Karachi were used once again to hatch conspiracies against National Security Institutions. The day when prominent Journalist Hamid Mir was attacked by  the militants, who were chasing him on two Motorcycles from the Airport. It was sixth time when an attempts were made at the life of Hamid Mir. As the Media is the most  powerful entity on the Earth now, and they have the power to make an innocent guilty and a guilty innocent – and that’s  media power. Because they control the minds of the masses. It may take a minimum 3 minutes to elaborate the conspiracy and planning which have been orchestrated to malign Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) by Geo Network. An irresponsible Act of some biased journalists who work on the pay rolls of Geo Network to allege without proof the attack responsibility  on ISI chief to prove him a culprit and exploit Pakistan’s military premier intelligence services (ISI). The blame was purely hurriedly made and premature in nature, especially at the time when Islamic militants were also targeting journalists.


 Premarily, the Wave of conspiracies launched by His Mother institution was based on the allegations of Amir Mir , the brother of Hamid Mir, who accused ISI for orchestrating the shooting in an emotional denunciation which was transmitted by his institution for 8 hours with the photo of the ISI DG Zahir-ul-Islam. This Tranmission had violated the fundamental laws of journalism. It was a single sided Media trial that was faced by ISI. Later, this agenda was prologned by Indian channels.



Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) is the worlds no. 1 and very well organized intelligence agency founded in 1948, but  Field Marshal Ayoub Khan expanded the role of ISI and in 1950 it was officially given a task to safe guard Pakistan’s Interest and National security inside and outside the country. ISI’s primary objectives are not only to safe guard Pakistan’s interests but also reinforce Pakistan’s power base in region. In simple and easy words,  we define intelligence agencies as it is the unit responsible for gathering and interpreting information about an enemy.



A case has been filed against unknown militants which is in under process, but Geo Network launched FIR before the statement of Hamid Mir on its channel and nominated ISI as the criminal and the newsroom was converted into investigation room. A series of conspiracies which seemed to be planned were  launched by their anchor persons and they started a media trial of the ISI and its chief Gen. Zahir-Ul-Islam was declared as a criminal without  any evidence and facts. Such acts of the Geo are the question marks on the independent judiciary and a big question mark on the false intentions of Some journalists and a question mark on Pakistani Govt. too.  Can we call such senseless and immature acts as  Journalism??? And was this the justice???



Recently, ISI was listed  no. 1 on the world best top 10 intelligence agencies. CIA was on number 2 and RAW, the Indian intelligence agency, was at no. 9. Since the day one, everyone was trying to beat ISI. In Sept last year, the US black budget was announced in which the U.S Top secret intelligence files new levels of distrust with Pakistan. And they have expanded the network of Intelligence. International Forces are also Maligning ISI through different tactics. Consecutive Series of Articles were published in international media regarding Involvement of ISI in the killings of Journalist just to defame ISI. There are consecutive incidences in which ISI has been alleged in supporting terrorist or terrorism around the world. Many Reports like “Secret Pakistan and Backlash” by BBC which blamed Pakistan Army for supporting Afghan Taliban against international forces. RAW had also tried to malign ISI in Mumbai attack case by directly accusing ISI being involved in that  incident. For that purpose, they used international organizations and some internal organizations in Pakistan who are running international agendas in the country.  They demanded Pakistan Govt. to send Gen. Shuja Pasha to India for the ongoing investigation.


On 30th Of Apr 2014, Amnesty international also launched a wave of conspiracies to malign ISI without any concrete evidence. The scenario prepared by Amnesty international is to make direct interference in the ongoing investigation. which is against Article 10-A “Right to Fair Trial” of the attack on Hamid Mir. Amnesty international report is totally biased and not equipped with the concrete evidence. This is the violation of Article 19 “Freedoms of Opinion and expression”.



According to Amnesty report Umar Cheema senior journalist was grabbed and blindfoulded by police from Islamabad in 2010. During torture Policemen were saying to Cheema, “you have been writing against the govt. and Politicians”. But Amnesty International didn’t name that govt. because it was Islamabad? Amnesty Intl’s report based on the figures between 2008 and 2014. However, from 1992 to 2008 only 52 journalist were killed throughout the country.

 The Dynmaics of Karachi are quite different than the other cities of Pakistan. In Karachi People from every religion, sect and language live in majority, with their traditions and culture. There are so many militant wings in Karachi which are freely Mobilizing including taliban. According to Intelligence reports 30% of Karachi has been surrounded by Taliban. In Karachi we can observe the Violation of constitutional article 9, 10 and 10A. on daily basis. 


In the same report Amnesty Intl’s Organization also blamed the largest Political party of Karachi MQM by giving the reference of the case of Wali Khan Babar. Although in the final decision of the case the court didn’t hold MQM responsible for the murder. MQM has faced the series of conspiracies and allegations since its birth, on the basis of some allegations. MQM has faced several media trial on many allegations which after decades have proven false. More than 17 thousand workers were killed in the name of Jinnah Pur Conspiracy but due to lack of concrete evidences these Propagandas ultimately died itself. Later on Brig. Imtiaz had given the statement that they had not found any evidence of JinnahPur. In the late 90’s another conspiracy was hatched to malign MQM and put the blame of Hakeem Saeed Murder on the shoulders of MQM. But recently Supreme court vindicated all workers from every charges. However, MQM’s Worker Fasih Jugnu and much more were killed extra judicially. Not a single Human right agency, not any NGO neither Pakistani Media raised their voice to ask the question. Why MQM workers were murdered extra judicially?


Being a patriotic Pakistani, I see Amnesty international report nothing more than a conspiracy in which they have added ISI ( which is the part of security of Pakistan) and MQM (the representative party of the economic hub of Pakistan) in the same category of organizations which are internationally banned and involved in terrorism. I think the enemy of state is trying to hit the security and economy of Pakistan which are the core of any state.


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