The Curious case of Altaf Hussein’s opponents?

Straight from DK

If this blog was to be written in Urdu. It would have started with a verse which would mean that “Thousands of wishes as such that each is such important that its worth dying”. Now let me put it in a different perspective for Altaf Hussein’s opponents as “Thousands of opponents as such that each prays Altaf Hussein’s end but are instead nearing their own end”. Some might say that the above paragraph does not make much sense. Exactly! that is what I say to each of Altaf Hussein’s critics. It does not make sense to oppose Altaf Hussein when there is especially a Munawar Hassan in the house.

Sometimes it makes me wonder without any offence to some of the readers that in a country where there are bigger issues and many real villains to fight with. Our literate class and especially from a few urban centers like to…

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