In my Views…Rebuttal to Editorial ‘ Altaf seeks another Musharraf’


I am replying to your multi-dimensional editorial in the frontier post “Altaf Hussain seeks another Musharraf”, in which you are trying to save Army from fight and on the other hand you would try to push Army to fight in other country and take part in sectarian violence. Scientifically, if any foreign particle invades human body, then defensive system activates through helping cell from the same body and is called Immune system.  Similarly, Army of each and every country is considers as the defensive system of a state to save the state from enemies. After a series of nonstop deadliest attacked on Army, Law enforcement agencies personnel, policemen and civilians Mr. Altaf Hussain requested Army for taking over when the democracy of rigged government and agencies were failed. About 4 years back he warned the nation about the proliferation of the Taliban across the country and especially in Karachi and…

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