CID officer Ch. Aslam’s Murder! A Cacophony for LEA’s!


Tehreek I Taliban Pakistan alternatively referred to as the Pakistani Taliban, is an umbrella organization of various Islamist Militant groups based in northwestern areas along the Afghan border in Pakistan. This network of militants is spreading throughout the country, especially in Karachi. TTP and other extremists and criminal groups like PAC’s imbrute trepidation have been suffering Metropolis for last 6years.  Many have been witnessed that after killings innocents they play football with their heads.


 On 7th November 2013, TTP spokesman announced they would orchestrate a wave of revenge attack against the government. SSP CID Choudhry Aslam who was considered a noose in the neck of these terrorists had survived numerous assassination attempts in the past, has been killed by the timed blast of terrorist living under the umbrella of TTP. It seems TTP and their allies have launched a wave of revenge attacks in Pakistan. The attack on Police officials is a question mark on the ongoing operation of the Government that has been entered in its third phase.  


 Asmatullah Shaheen, head of the Shura and caretaker leader of the TTP, told Reuters that TTP will target security forces, government installations, political leaders and Police. The Coalesce of the militant wings like PAC and other banned outfits under the umbrella of TTP is a question mark on the progress of the operation carried out by our Law enforcement agencies. Their alliance is more dangerous for the sovereignty of the country. These criminals have power to kill their desire persons at any time and at any place which means our government has been failed to protect their citizen. Consistency and success of timing in their attacks to achieve their goals raise some questions.


 Gangsters of PAC have hostage making influence on Karachi, recently they targeted a family in Maripur, just because of their political affiliation with the mainstream political party of Karachi and raped two women of the family before killings. These gangsters have latest weapons that our forces can’t face them. Ch. Aslam who was leading Liyari operation in the past has faced high resistance, from PAC gangsters because they were using prohibited bore weapons, missiles and rocket launchers, resulted to step back from the operation.  


 Reportedly on September 5 2013, the cops of CID police encountered three alleged TTP militants. On 7th May 2012, CID police arrested three alleged terrorist from Shershah area of Karachi who were members of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) and came from Balochistan to deliver weapons to PAC gangsters.   According to Pakistani local media PPP removed Bullet proof vehicle from the security of CH. Aslam. Just like in Past PPP withdrew head money of PAC criminals who were involved in heinous crimes. Here the question arises is, that why the bullet proof vehicle was taken away by PPP government from such a high profile officer who was on sever threat from TTP? Although the chairperson of the same party has; whose house has been surrounded by an illegal wall in a residential area of Karachi; justified about the wall that he ( Bilawal Bhutto0 had been very vocal against the TTP therefore, this wall is for the security of their family.


 Once again Karachi has become a sanctuary of the terrorist. Increase in terrorist activities by Karachi gangsters compelled business community to seek for the second best option. Investors are afraid to invest in Karachi and unemployment rate is increasing day by day. This situation is raising question on the facts that has been provided by the chief of the Police on the ongoing operation. Higher authorities should change their attitude before increasing vicissitude cause harm. Government should step forward and think beyond their political affiliation and start an impartial operation in the criminal dominated areas.  


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