Why Pervez Musharraf’s trial is a Hogwash?

Straight from DK

Winter has settled in Pakistan. Coldest as some say for the last 20 years. Was astonished to find out that even my home in Karachi has started to face Gas Load shedding. A phenomenon less known to us down in the South. Well after Electricity and Water . Gas is the new issue on the block. Sometimes I ask my self . Would this all ever end?

Few years ago. Someone told me that the Dollar is going to depreciate with leaps and bounds. Meaning in a lay man’s terms. My disposal income would become less and less which would impact my capacity to spend. Correct! But at the same time if someone was exporting abroad or were hoarding dollars. Would benefit. Now recently someone came back from Pakistan and told me stories where they saw people line after line spending up to even at one go PKR 80,000 or…

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