An unending tale of Sacrifices : Qasba Aligarh Massacre‏

An unending tale of Sacrifices : Qasba Aligarh Massacre‏

Talha Khan

Karachiites have been paying a big cost for their struggle for rights and their refusal from bowing down to Landlords and War lords. The oligarchy has always kept them under the pump from the ruling elite, who are scared of the power of lower and middle class leadership of MQM since its inception.  In early 80s, MQM, which did not only promise to empower the helpless masses but have also lived up to the expectations of the Urdu speaking community. The community which was looking for their true representatives since the partition and when the founder of MQM Mr. Altaf Hussain united them on a single platform, they turned the ideology into a formidable political force in shape of MQM.

Unfortunately, the powerful elite of this country who are oppressing the lower class since the partition couldn’t absorb the reality of MQM, and start hatching conspiracies against MQM and Urdu…

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