Waiting for Imam Hussein R.A. of today!

Waiting for Imam Hussein R.A. of today!

Straight from DK

There are two type of people in the world in my view. Those who are led and those who lead. Those who admire and those who inspire. The first kind is dime a billion whilst the latter happens once in a life time. When Imam Hussein R.A. decided to pass by Karbala with a small group of people and no ordinary people by any means. The lineage of our Holy Prophet P.B.U.H. He stood for what was not a right to ascend to a throne but his stand against the tyranny of Yazeed who (means Yazeed) in my view is not just a personality but a mind set of evil. I have always asked this question in my mind that how come in the first place house of Abu Sufyan and Hinda managed to maneuver and become the leader of Muslim Ummah in form of a grandson named Yazeed. How…

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