Return of Gen Pervaiz Musharraf needed for a balanced Pakistan

Straight from DK

Pakistan is going through a critical juncture in its history. Not the first one maybe. We have seen making choices in the past. But the difference was that we decided between ethinicities , we decided between ideologies, we decided between geographies but it’s the first time where we are deciding between being a fundamentalist state or not. With all this chaos where my heart feels that we get dragged towards becoming a radicalized democracy. The only silver lining which came to us as a good news was that Gen Pervaiz Musharraf was given bails in all the cases mainly on the charges of Article 6, Lal Masjid, Bugti’s and Benazir’s death and would eventually be absolved. I am sure that Mr. Musharraf who has still not appeared in the press is strategizing on how to make his next move as I write this piece now.

A commando he always has…

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