Politicians Playing In Dual Mode

Hakeem-Ullah Mehsud, the leader of Pakistani Taliban who was responsible for numerous terror attacks in Pakistan, died in CIA suspected drone attack. This incident confused Pakistanis if he is martyred or a removal of a big terrorist from their land. I ‘m not interested in this debate, because nation is well aware of him. Now whatever politicians like Munawwar Hassan or Fazl ur Reham say don’t mean anything to enlightened people of Pakistan.


But one thing is clear that, that death of this TTP terrorist exposed dual face of Pakistani politicians, either they’re pro or against Taliban. Some of our politicians’ stance looked to me a cat and mouse race that who can support terrorists better than other. It could be their fear for Taliban or may be a pure sympathy with them.


Government registered their protest to U.S Ambassador Richard Olsen to the foreign office by I wonder why? Didn’t we have the head money on this particular terrorist who killed more than fifty thousand Pakistanis? Now PTI leader has given a deadline to stop NATO supply line by 20th Nov 2013 and for this action he has given 3pronged strategy. In first step they’ll pass a resolution from all house of the parliament, in next step they’ll block the supply line of NATO in KPK and in third step they’ll block the supply line throughout the country by the support of their Pro visionary people. Here organizations like Jamat ud Dawa and Difaye Pakistan council who have a fame of disturbing international and domestic environment have given assurance of their support.


Although, this is not new for NATO, they have faced these situations several times by anti-state forces but the real action happened when incident of Salala check post happened. Now let see for how long PTI and the Pro-Taliban forces will remain on this agenda? May be before, 20th Nov 2013 U.S and NATO will convince them for suitable solution or maybe they will block the NATO supply for few days, but I think this is not a sustainable solution in terms of economy and political stability.


We all are witnessed that Imran Khan has given several statement from 2011 regarding the blockage of NATO supply but they never succeeded. The action was taken by the army of Pakistan after the attack on Salala check post on 13 June 2011. But, as a gimmick PTI held a demonstration on Kemari. Before this demonstration NATO was completely dependent on Pakistani route to NATO supply. Now the international allies have found their alternate option for Supply. Currently they don’t depend completely on Pakistani route. After the attack on Salala check post America shifted NATO supply to alternate route that resulted to face the expenses of 87million dollars more to them.


After the blockage of NATO supply Pakistan may deprive from the privileges or royalty of NATO supply, and their relation with European Union may also be jeopardized. A 20ft container pays Rs.0.3million to Pakistan’s economy and around 300 containers a day cross Pakistani border to Afghanistan that generate an amount of 90 million a day to the Pakistan’s economy, means in a month we generate a tax of amount Rs.2070 million and in a year this leads to Rs.32 Arab and 40crores in the treasury.(Statics taken from local media). Pakistan may face severe problems in collecting funds from international organizations likewise Coalition support fund, Common support fund and social welfare planning fund may also be stopped.


Not only Pakistan will face difficult situation, but NATO and U.S will also be affected by this blockage America use South-West Asian countries for alternate NATO supply from the belt of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan of Russian Federation. Due to long supply route U.S and NATO will face high expenses for NATO supply.


My Questions to Pakistani politicians are:


1- Will PTI convince the government to public the hidden agreement with U.S and NATO that was done in Musharraf tenure because Musharraf is in Pakistan?

2- What was decided between Imran Khan and U.S while meeting with Foreign Minister of U.S?

3- Do PTI has alternate business plan for our textile and other industry which is doing business in European market?

4- NATO supply blockage and no drone on Waziristan will stop the terrorism in Pakistan?

5- Will our government and politician be able to move around in Waziristan safely and will we see the imposition of our system there?

6- The new leader of TTP, Mullah Fazul Ullah, who has killed our highly ranked Army official, is a reasonable man to do peace dialogue?


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  1. Two faced people are bad enough but it’s even worse when they love to call themselves (so called) Leaders. I hate these two-faced evil people. It’s so hard to decide which face to slap first.


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