Atrocities Of Liyari Gangsters*

Name of Liyari is known to all due to its crimnal activities of top gangsters and its hostage making influence on Karachi, Although this area is apparently ungovernable by the police and rangers, but is being controlled by the defunct PAC and its undisputed infamous supreme leader Uzair Jan Baloch. While addressing to liyari gang warriors he disclosed his manifesto saying them that :

__Throw out all  Sindhis & Punjabis from liyari

__Kill all Urdu speakers of liyari.

__wipe out Kutchi community,

and within 72hours Lyari should be free of the above mentioned communities. Use Bomb, Rockets, Grinades or whateelse available, but no Personnel of Law Enforcement Agencies be allowed to enter  into liyari.


Well Known place of Liyari “Cheel Chowk” is the final destination where our
Police & Rangers can reach and they step up faced highly resistance from
Liyari Gangsters.
In an interview to Geo News President zardari answered a question of Hamid Mir about influence of Raw In Balochistan said: ‘No comment’, but
in a recent blast at football ground a suspected young man was arrested
linked to India. I request to Pres. Zardari at least he reveal the truth behind his statement before leaving president house.

On 28th March 2012, was an attack on PIB sector community men. Mansoor Akhtar & his brother Masood akhter were bruitally killed by PAC gangsters. It seems Karachi is being made from worse to worst day by day under a planned strategy.


PPP also withdrew  head money on  8 gangester leaders of PAC. This shows the solidarity of PPP with crimnal PAC. Moreover, the PPP leaders attend funerals of Liyari gangwar gangesters. A notorious gangster Arshad pappu was killed by PAC. They used Police mobile in their criminal activities.


*Being a responsible citizen, my questions to higher authorities of
Pakistan are:

__ Why the Govt. is reluctant for taking action against the terrorists of LGW?

__Why Sindh Govt.  withdrew the head money on the 8 leaders of liyari
gangsters who are involved in heinous crimes?

__Why Govt. has been patronizing the armed terrorists of LGW?

__Mass migration of katchi community?

__killings of innocent citizens?

__Extortion & Kidnapping of business community?

__9MM unauthorized bore manufactured in US, Germany & Darah Adam Khel, but  are easily utilized by Liyari gangsters?

_Why are they left unchecked? Why not any Suo Moto against these gangsters?

__Start deweaponization but before starting please explain the reasons of
issued licenses. Will peace ever prevail in Liyari?

__Legal licensed Arms can be recovered but what is the formula for illegal Arms?



  1. Very true. PAC a group of brutal killers,extortionists, working under Prov Govt Of Sindh. No one cares how Karachi ppl are suffering bec of these criminal Mafia and children of PP Mirza


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