What’s Harm If Army Safeguard Microcosm?


Karachi the centre of Economy and the engine of developments, Metropolitan city & a mini world where people from every walk of life, cast, religion, language & community are leaving in majority and a center of highly qualified unemployed persons, having industrial Hub & Largest Port. Around 10lac people migrate towards Karachi every year, they bring their cultural & tradition as well.

Karachi from its beginning is a part of ignorance & inadequate behavior of higher authorities that cause Karachi bleeding. Worsening law & order situation of Karachi is the failure of Govt. & law enforcement agencies. Due to insecure and deteriorating law & order situation industrialists & business communities are seeking their 2nd best option to left Karachi. Investors are worried to invest in Karachi. That causes our economy downfall.

Fundamental duty of our Govt. is to provide secure platform for business community and locals of Metropolis. But Karachi still under fire, 10 to 20 killings is a comon news about Karachi.


Its common saying majority has the authority, and majority should have authority? Police and Rangers are failed to secure Metropolis, Arms is a far discussion Not a single factory of bullet in Karachi registered. Then how these heavy arms and explosive materials are available in Karachi? Who will answered? Who is behind Karachi situation? How many Talibans, Raymond Davis, Black water and Raw agents are freely mobilizing in Karachi? Although Police and rangers have limited access power and limited information. They obeys order to fulfill the demands of ruling parties.

Peace not possible until the whole state machinery should work hands together to bring peace. Majority of Metropolis demand to deploy army to provide peace. Our govt. will have to take some effective measures to rescue Karachi. But its an irony in our country political parties are united to conduct election under supervision of army but against to save their voters by army. What’s harm if army safeguard microcosm?   Govt. should fulfill their valid demand which is their constitutional right. Pak Army should deploy in the pursuance of (Article 245 clause 1).

Some political parties like PPP, JUIF, ANP, JI demanding for targeted operation in karachi rather than deployment of army, as we all know police can not be depoliticized? Than what is the secret behind demanding targeted operation? Deployment of Army to support NATO forces in Afghanistan under UN resolution is right? Than why not in Karachi under constitution?


Highter authorities should change their attitude before increasing vicissitude cause harm. In the name of targeted operation Police and rangers arrested innocent civilians during overnight including patients of cancer disease should be presented to courts to avoid the rumours of extra judicial killings causing metropolis feel unsecure.  Stop Bleeding before Karachi stop feeding.



  1. The only viable option is to give charge of Karachi to Pak Army to eradicate terrorism and PPP supported Mafia’s such as Aman Committee and Bhatta groups.


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