“Save The Nursery Of Democracy”


Finally, By-Election 2013, Moon sighted in Pakistan. Those Parties who blamed & claimed (PTI and PPP) each other are united on a single Agenda of seat Adjustment (formula to rule by depriving others). Before 11th  May 2013, Local body system was a main part of the manifesto of all political parties but after election they are refraining of their manifesto. Once again Innocents of Rular Sindh are going to make fool by some Feudal Lords. I’ve experienced MQM is the only political party of Pakistan contested election on their manifesto and vision of their leader & did never make any Electoral Alliance in the history of Pakistan.

      Today is last night of By-Election alliances in Pakistan, Election process is at their final stage, Army will be deployed in sensitive polling stations (where international media covered elections in pak).

    Ex-largest Political party of Pakistan PPP’s Graph declining due to their blandish promised & delusion act. PPP want to make Pakistan a catalyst country where these feudal lords can do their experiments. Just 2 days before of By-Election Once again PPP passed 1979 Local Body System, to gain some political mileage & labeled as a local party of Pakistan to get sympathy from few sindh nationalist to support in by-election 2013. Repealing of LG is equal to destroying nursery of democracy,

     Main reason of PPP graph declining is their dual face amongst their voters, PPP vision & mission totally changed before & after election, once again PPP violated the vision of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto by Invoking 1979 local Govt. Ordinance of Gen.Zia-ul-Haq who killed Bhutto. PPP preferred dictators law rather than democratic way. Urban Sindh has faced this dictatorial acts of tyrant rulers in the past as well.  Pakistani Media and People of Pakistan are witnessed the development work done by local govt. system from 2004-08.

This Act is the Clear Violation of Article 140-A of the constitution of Pakistan.

Local Government:

(1) Each Province shall, by law, establish a local government system and devolve political, administrative and financial responsibility and authority to the elected representatitives of the local governments.
(2) Elections to the local governments shall be held by the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Dual standards of PPP and PTI exposed, today PTI issued white paper in which they focus to support local body system in Punjab but never support in sindh. PPP has laid down Foundation stone of Division between Urban & Rular sindh from their right to govern at the lowest level.PPP raped the rights of poor people by invoking Gen. Zia system system, but listen you might won election but you’ve lose hearts of Mainstream.

دلوں میں فرق آجائے تو اتنا یاد رکھ لینا،
دلیلیں واسطے اور فلسفے سب بیکار جاتے ہیں

Today Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan distributed Pumphets in Hangu to stop voting specially women were targetted, same act was done by PTI in election 11th May 2013 by snatching the rights of women voting. I hope ECP will notice and disqualify the candidate if women ratio is less than 51% atleast.





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