Blame Game !!


when she was speaking truth in her blog or in her tweet ??
anyway its confirm she lies !!

A Senior Anchor Person of Samaa TV Jasmeen Manzoor posted her Blog on the day of 14th August when an Ethnic Party announced to observe Black day on 14th August & MQM was celebrating Independence day. I am shocked to read her revelation against 2nd Largest Political Party Of Sindh and 1st of Karachi. Pakistani nation well awarded of such tactics of politics of Blame Game. Actually these tactics were always used to defame a Party when something like By-Election or any other event happened when parties are performing at their best. She has left country due to Samaa TV management, I just want to raise few Questions?  Why your truth was waiting for by-election? Why you easily blamed MQM for such stupidities, & it seems by your revelation that LEA’s works under MQM? no 1 ready to help you because you  are lying… Blame Gaming against MQM is an old tactics, MQM has proved only political party of Pakistan who protects the rights of their citizens, I am shocked neither ISI, nor IB even PM neglected to protect you… It means something is wrong behind your revelation, If it’s a matter of NA250 In By-Election MQM and their voters rejected ECP verdict of By-Election only in few Polling stations as MQM demanded for whole constituency and MQM didn’t take part in By-Election. Why Re-Election only happened in Karachi? Why delimitations only decided to do in Karachi? As per PTI demand ECP requested to deploy Army, Rangers & Police in each desired Polling Station named by PTI. Then why very low turnout of voters reported their in by-election? Only Political party  MQM bearing all criticism towards them because this is the biggest party of Karachi.  According to ECP report there were several cities of Punjab where rigging evidence were found but Re-Election only announced in Karachi. In KPK all parties united to snatch the rights of Women voting no one ask for re-election or none of the Anchor person raised voice for women right? I observed that MQM pays respect always women Ahead, Only MQM raised voice for equal rights of women in the society. Few years back Abdul Sattar Eidhi gave an Interview in which he said in a form of taunting that “if he  will be killed, Anti-MQM will hold MQM responsible”, to make Headline. However by the Grace of Allah he is still alive and freely mobilizing his social activities in Karachi & throughout Country, Even he was found several times in Liyari gangsters funerals. But Mr. Edhi’s statement is manipulated by few of our own Pakistani media people and presented it in such a way that “If I will be killed so MQM responsible”, What else we can say except Shame on those media people.

This Raises a Question Why MQM?  and the answer is very simple ,  Its only MQM who is the only party in Pakistan which is for the people and by the people and they talk about the rights of every Pakistani and on equal grounds and that is the only problem these feudal Lords can’t tolerate and started war against MQM on every front  and media propaganda is the Gateway for that that.

Why that SP & LEA’s didn’t named 4 workers of MQM who were threatening you? Why you didn’t knocked the door of Supreme Court who always take Suo Moto of your reports?  We have independent judiciary but you are using bad tactics to blame MQM? MQM their voters, supporters are united at every stage and they wont let down MQM. MQM lost their 17000 workers on a fake blame game of Jinnah pur conspiracy, but later on its proved that MQM was not involved in such activity & Brig. Imtiaz revealed that they didn’t found Any evidence of Jinnah pur conspiracies? Your Reservations on MQM may be right but Your Revelations proved that you were waiting for some suitable time to destabilize MQM.

According to committee for protecting Journalists, 52 journalists have been killed since 1992 in Pakistan. A responsible Journalist who belongs to Geo Team Wali Khan Baber assassinated in Karachi Blame Game started against MQM without any evidence. But none of the biased Anchor persons & Analyst Answer or Blame who Killed?


Why Only MQM???



  1. Reblogged this on shariqaahmed and commented:
    Brother its seems like MQM has an open account of (dump all allegations on us) ur blog is an awakening for intellectuals, if they get the point. Bravo….


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